Vegetable Oil Advantages And Disadvantages

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4. Vegetable oil
Another type of oil is the vegetable oil which will be extracted from different vegetables, flowers and fruits. It is a triglyceride extracted from a plants.[10] The term "vegetable oil" can be defined as referring only to plant oils that are liquid at room temperature,[11] or broadly defined without regard to a substance's state of matter at a given temperature.[12] If vegetable oil will become solid at room temperature it can be known as vegetable fats. It can be extracted mostly from seeds of the plants. The most common vegetable oil that is available in the market are the coconut, palm and olive oil. Some common vegetables that we can extract the so-called vegetable oil are avocado, sunflower, safflower, canola, coconut,
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It has great effects to the environment specifically to the water may it be in the ocean or in rivers. It can kill marine species if oil will spill into the water. It was concluded by Kovari that there are some new techniques in the innovation pipeline for future applications: like membrane degumming, membrane refining, use of biocatalysts, new analytical techniques, on-line control possibilities. Further it was emphasized that crushers and refiners should work together to meet further the challenges in the processing of oil to meet the demands of the people. Therefore, as to technology advancement in the production oil processing most of the technologies being used is not the advanced one’s. This is the reason even our country is still exporting the oil from other countries to meet the demands of the people most specifically petroleum. Presently in the Philippines, people are paying big amount per kilowatt in the electric bills because of the exportation of fuel to operate the power plants. Thus we need to save energy in the household to help control the environmental effects in the production of
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