Vegetarianism, A Healthier Way of Life

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Vegetarianism; A Healthier Way Of Life In today’s society, one in which obesity is hugely prevalent and cancer incidents increase exponentially compared to the fewer numbers of past generations, we must open our eyes to the frightening truths about our unhealthy lifestyles. Our lifestyle choices not only cause damage to the human body but to the environment as well. One of the largest factors relating to the general decline of people’s health as well as contributing to the decline of the environment is the consumption of meat. There are any different varieties of vegetarians. The term vegetarian broadly describes a person that does not eat meat; however, there are many different classifications of vegetarianism depending on a …show more content…
Food and Agricultural Organizations (F.A.O.) official Dr. Harding stated that the meat industry is “one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems” and that “urgent action is requires to remedy the situation (Steinfeld et al).” The F.A.O. research states that livestock production is responsible for 18% of the greenhouse gas emissions (Spotlight: Livestock’s Impact on the Environment). The waste from livestock farms emits hydrogen sulfide, methane, nitrous oxide and ammonia which pollute the air. Surrounding waterways become polluted by the excrement waste that contaminates the soil and eventually the water. Further research uncovered that half of the water used in the United States goes to animal agriculture which deprives areas where water shortage is an issue. Also deforestation is a result of ranchers and breeders making more room for farms and feed crops to sustain the animals. This deforestation causes soil erosion and contributes to species extinction and habitat loss (Vegetarian 101).” The effects on the environment are substantial and undeniable. Now that we have looked at two very convincing reasons for converting to vegetarianism that were based on the negative

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