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Vegetarianism Eating is a staple of life. In every culture, food customs and variety are part of that cultures definition. In American society and other cultures, meat is a main food that is consumed, yet not by everyone. Dating back to medieval times, some meats were not consumed due to the "impurities" they were seen to be by the religions of the time. Throughout history, this has developed from not eating red meat, to not eating any meat at all, and even further to the vegan extreme of not eating any animal products at all. Though not everyone feels this way, more and more people change their eating habits every day. Methodology Due to the nature of this report, information is not hard to find, especially in this town.…show more content…
One of the main dietal changes people make is the choice of eating meat. "Eating, as has been commonly remarked, produces a particularly intimate identification with the consumed product: we are what we eat. It is therefore not surprising when we look cross culturally at food patterns that meat, and to a lesser extent animal products, are by far the most common focus of taboo, regulation and avoidance," (pg. 18, Twigg). Though the religious establishments were mostly responsible for stating that meat, mainly red meat, could not be consumed due to the filthy nature of the animals it was taken from, people still were allowed to eat fish and poultry, except on certain days of fasting, like Good Friday or Lent. So, vegetarianism started out as a form of religious restraint on the people's diets. However, today's vegetarian differs from that of the older generations in that it has become an individual choice, relating to the person's feelings about the animals, but not necessarily being limited to that reason. "In the west& vegetarianism is very much a product of individual choice, and indeed, requiring one, as it does, to step outside the culturally prescribed forms of eating, depends on the development of a highly individuated sense of the self," (pg. 19, Twigg). Laura Denny, a junior at IU, was a typical meat consuming American at one point in her life, but has recently, in

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