Vegetarianism : Is It The Right Lifestyle Choice For You?

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Vegetarianism; Is it the Right Lifestyle Choice for you?
Dacy Duerst
Madison College Abstract Over time peoples body 's change and so do personal goals. When one chooses to become a vegetarian it is important to consider all factors and to educate oneself. When considering the life style of being a vegetarian one needs to look at health benefits and facts, different types of the diet, the disadvantages, and understand how to go about it in a healthy way. For a person to take part in the lifestyle choices of a vegetarian it is important to understand the commitment and the many advantages and draw backs to being one, for some the positives for some can outweigh the negatives. Therefore allowing one to lead a healthier and cleaner life style. Vegetarianism; Is it the Right Lifestyle Choice for you?
Choosing a Lifestyle During one 's life time most everyone has adjusted a diet in some way or another. Whether it is simply not drinking soda or making a whole life style change and choosing to become a Paleo or Vegetarian. It is these diets that help define our health and well being. Each of these diets has advantages and disadvantages and that is why something such as becoming; Paleo, Vegetarian, Atkins or etc is considered a lifestyle choice and not just a diet. These lifestyle choices help mold our body 's and health as they are our gridlines to what we feel we should be putting into our bodies. Choosing the lifestyle of being a Vegetarian may be one of the best
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