Vegetarianism: Is It the Best Choice? Essay

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The National Institutes of Health have proven that over five hundred thousand Americans die each year from coronary heart disease. They also have found that over seven million Americans are suffering from this disease at this present time (“Facts about Coronary Disease”). This same article explains that coronary disease is the most prominent form of heart disease. There are many risk factors that have been linked to coronary heart disease, such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes and obesity just to name a few. These are all risk factors that can be controlled by people on their own, without the use of drugs or any medical help. There are a few exceptions, however, gender, heredity and age can also lead to this…show more content…
It has already been said that there is strong evidence of animal fat being related to heart disease, but there is also evidence that says animal fat has also been linked to different forms of cancer. Schneider also states that animal fat produces saturated fat which is the main culprit in the beginning of cancer, yet fruits and vegetables contain mono and polyunsaturated fats which are less of a threat of causing cancer. North American women are six times more likely to contract breast cancer than some Asian and African peoples because of the excessive amounts of fat in their diets. It has been proven that Japanese women and vegetarian women have much less breast cancer than North American women and meat consuming women no doubt because of the less amounts of animal fat they consume. In countries that are known for meat consumption, especially beef, such as Argentina, Uruguay, and New Zealand, the colon cancer rates are higher than those countries whose meat consumption isn’t so high (Schneider 125). The most effective way for a person to decrease the chances of cancer, obviously, would be to eliminate meat consumption from their diet. A vegetarian diet would increase a person’s chances of avoiding cancer by eliminating its major culprit.      Many people argue that the major source of protein needed comes from meat. People who argue this point are right; meat does
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