Vegetarianism for Dummies Essay

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They say, “You are what you eat” and if making good food choices makes you a healthier and happier person, why are healthy food trends seemingly misunderstood and becoming a thing of the past? This semester I will be researching the advantages of choosing to obtain a vegetarian lifestyle and why some individuals are making arguments that are extremely against the practice. This topic is appropriate for a semester of sustained research because there are multiple viewpoints on the issue (including people who have experienced positive health benefits when they cut meat out of their diets, people who disapprove of the industry’s animal treatment, and people who strongly feel that there are extreme health risks and financial burdens that come…show more content…
(Wiki) The film for me shined light on the dark aspects of American food industries, influenced me to do further research on the topic, and evidently considerably influenced my perspective of food. While the vision of animal cruelty painted in the film ultimately made me decide to become a practicing vegetarian, I would mainly blame my continued lifestyle choice on the benefits that I experienced when I initially made the transition as well as the harsh realities of the unsanitary procedures reveled in the film. Overall I would say, vegetarianism has made me a healthier person by making me constantly aware of what I put into my body (a main reason that I believe the issue is worth research), it has cured an esophageal health problem that I have been having since birth, and best of all in an essence the lifestyle choice lifted a huge weight off my shoulders by giving more energy, better physical health, and overall has made me a more confident person. Because of this positive experience, I am an extreme advocate for the way of life, and this topic is particularly compelling to me because I have a difficult time understanding the prejudices that make vegetarianism a national controversy. In my research, I hope to gain greater insight on the health deficiencies that align with vegetarianism and eventually crack the myth of strict dieting being difficult to adhere to (especially for people with lower economic statuses or people on the run). Educating myself
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