Vegetarianism is the Better Choice Essay

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The trend of abstaining from eating meat and other animal products is a rapidly growing one. According to David Bender in Animal Rights Opposing Viewpoints, “Today, nearly twenty million Americans are vegetarians, and many more have greatly reduced their meat consumption” (139). One meat-eating person may ponder why these non-meat eaters would deprive themselves of the wonderful taste of meat and animal products. Another concern is over nutrition, mainly protein intake. Many meat eaters believe that a vegetarian diet does not and cannot supply the protein necessary for the body to function properly. There are many misconceptions (like the one above) and unknown facts associated with the vegetarian lifestyle. This essay will deal with the …show more content…
Something drastic needs to be done to save what little forests we have left. Again, vegetarianism seems to be the answer. Most of the forestland destroyed is used for grazing land for farm animals. If the demand for these animal products and by-products is reduced, then there will not be a need for such a rapid clearing of the forests of the world.
The issue of animal waste is also a great concern to mankind. In a way, we are the cause to our own demise. The waste from the animals we use for food pollutes our water supplies and promotes the spread of disease. Becoming a vegetarian helps reduce the amount of waste in our world because of the reduction of farm animals. Along with the issue of animal waste comes the issue of energy waste. The conversion of energy from plant to meat is very poor. Much of the energy is used by the animal and is not stored in the meat of the animal, so obviously using the plant as a source of energy is much more efficient.
Along with the benefits to the environment and the health of people, a vegetarian diet also lessens the suffering that animals have to endure. It is a medically proven fact that animals do feel pain and the practices of factory farming subject the animals involved to unimaginable amounts of pain. Modern man should find it morally right to become a vegetarian.
For the reasons stated above, vegetarianism seems to be
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