Vehicle Design History

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INSY 6860 AUTOMOTIVE MFG SYSTEMS Executive Summary: (1 page as the paper exceeds 20 pages) This paper is written from the vantage point of an automotive exterior component engineer who has been involved with vehicle body design and manufacturing of polymers and painted plastics. My experience in large scale injection molding, e-stat painting, and fabrication processes, as well as the business of the automotive industry, has motivated me to research the history of the automotive body design and its future. I have sought to investigate the events that produced unique vehicle designs and the trends of what the future may produce. This paper covers, in depth, the evolution of vehicle design and the factors that influenced it…show more content…
His idea not only helped to revolutionize and industrialize America, but it also established the foundation of a social and economic infrastructure that exists today. David Gartman defines this beginning as “Fordism”: Henry Ford’s revolutionary mass-production processes for manufacturing automobiles stands as an almost universal symbol for modern industrial capitalism. Both its hitherto unimagined material productivity and its similarly unprecedented impoverishment of the human spirit are simultaneously captured by the contradictory image of the automobile assembly line. Along such lines and in other mechanized processes pioneered by Ford, degraded and dehumanized workers toil to produce the very products that enrich their leisure lives. The incredible productivity of Fordist mass production makes possible, perhaps even necessary, mass consumption. Historians remind us that not only did Henry Ford innovate production methods that steadily lowered the price of a complex, mechanical consumer good, but he also pioneered the transformation of the toiling masses into consumers by raising his workers’ wages to an incredible five dollars a day. In liberal ideology, the sins of Fordist mass production against the human spirit are more than atoned for by this rise in material prosperity of the masses that is its corollary within industrial capitalism. (Gartman 1) Fordism is a regime of accumulation based upon
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