Vehicular Emissions and Air Quality Standards in Nigeria

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European Journal of Scientific Research ISSN 1450-216X Vol.34 No.4 (2009), pp.550-560 © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2009 Vehicular Emissions and Air Quality Standards in Nigeria F. I. Abam Department of Mechanical Engineering, Cross River University of Technology P.M.B 1123. Calabar, Nigeria E-mail: Tel: +2348054383418 G. O. Unachukwu National Centre for Energy Research and Development University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria E-mail: Tel: +2348050525033 Abstract This paper reports the results of the investigation of vehicular emissions in selected areas in Calabar Nigeria. Three areas MP1, MP2 , and MP3 were considered with nine sampling points (SP1 – SP9) in…show more content…
An epidemiological study in US has shown that acute exposure to vehicle emissions over ten years period reduces lung function among tunnel officers Evans, (1998). A similar study confirms that there is a prevalence of chronic bronchitis and asthma in street cleaners exposed to vehicle pollutants in concentrations higher than WHO recommended guidelines, thus leading to significant increase in respiratory problems Rachou, (1995). Having viewed these consequences, the need to embark on research of this kind becomes obvious. This research work is intended to investigate the level of vehicular emission and air quality standard in a growing city Calabar, Nigeria. The knowledge from this investigation will assist authority in planning adequate pollution control measures. It is equally hoped that the study will generate interest on further research on the impact of vehicle emission on air quality and health implications in Calabar in particular and Nigeria in general for effective air quality control and management. 1.1. Traffic Emission in Developing Countries In most developing countries of the world vehicular growth has not been checked properly by environmental regulating authorities leading to increase levels of pollution. Traffic emissions contribute about 50-80% of NO2 and CO concentration in developing countries Fu (2001), and Goyal (2006). This situation is alarming and is predicated on the poor economic

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