Veiling Muslim Women

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I. Introduction
Around the world the hijab, niqab, burqa, and other veils Muslim women wear are being criticized and made into news stories and or debates about whether Muslim women should be allowed to veil. Muslim Women are taking a stand against Western critiques of veiling by breaking down the critiques positioned by the West and Western feminists; in addition Muslim women are expressing autonomy and their self-determination for their right to choose to veil which leads to critiquing power of the state. (Ferrero)This essay will first outline the critiques of veiling and their historical context, then move to discuss how specific Muslim women see their lives and express their self-determination and finally the essay will conclude will an overall view of how Muslim women are critiquing the power of the state in order to control decisions regarding their
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However, there is missing logic from this argument as Janmohamed points out her own writing that “women who cover their face are happy to lift their veils for identification such as in airports to ensure security.” (Janmohamed). This a critique that gained in significant popularity after the attacks on September 11th 2001 which contributes to the reasons this critique has no merit since it has deep roots in the Islamophobia and fear mongering propaganda that followed the September 11th attacks. In fact Haleh Afshar specififies because of the Islamophobia following the attacks “Muslim women have found themselves at the centre of contestations about their identities, their nationalities and their faith.” (Afshar 411) Which brings the more pressing issue than simply veiling because there has to be a distinction from the over a billion people who practise Islam peacefully and the extremists that use their religion to justify their
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