Velasquez And His Four Ethical Precepts

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Four Precepts by Manuel G. Velasquez This paper introduced Manuel G. Velasquez and his four ethical precepts in business. These four ethical standards are specifically discussed in Chapter 2 of his book, Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases. These four standards or principles are usually used as a guide for people to considerate in making business decisions, which are the utility, rights, the justice and the care. They are described and explained with examples respectively below to indicate basic principles that people should follow as a member of a group when working for a same goal. Manuel G. Velasquez is a business ethics philosopher and is also known as the father of academic business ethics. He is the author of Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases. The book is about business related ethical concepts and moral issues, which are now widely adopted as a textbook on business ethics. Four precepts about business ethic, proposed by Velasquez, are approach of utilitarianism, principle of rights, principle of justice and principle of care. Approach of Utilitarianism means that decisions or policies should be evaluated base on the estimation of benefits and costs to society. Principle of rights is, basically, the entitlement for someone to do some certain things, and this entitlement can be separated into legal rights and moral rights. The principle of justice indicates the fairness of distribution benefits or costs. The principle of care means people have to take care of

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