Velde's The Future Of Ebooks?

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The two writing pieces compared are “The Future of eBooks? Will print disappear? An end-perspective”, by Wouter van der Velde and Olaf Ernst and “You DO Like Reading off a Computer Screen” by Cory Doctorow. The academic article by Velde and Ernst was published by a British company in late 2009. The non-scholarly essay by Doctorow was published by an American company in 2007. When comparing both the academic article and the essay, there were many different approaches on the same topic. When reading the title of the academic article, it appeared to be asking questions as well as foreshadowing the answers. The title of the non-scholarly essay was much more relatable to the context of the essay compared to the academic article. The two reading…show more content…
Velde and Ernst explain how much help eBooks have brought to the research in the world. For example, being able to have access to any type of reading whenever and wherever a reader has made it a much better option. Also, Velde and Ernst mentioned that “print books are here to stay; eBooks will enhance access to more science and research” (Velde and Ernst pg.11). However, this explains that we will not stop making paper books just because of eBooks, that eBooks will change the world for better. The author explains that there is a much greater audience that has degrees using eBooks compared to paper books. Also, in the article, everything is backed up with proof and further explained with all benefits of each type of readings. While the essay has brought up all the tasks you can do at the same time, Doctorow has used different tones throughout the essay explaining how useful eBooks are. When Doctorow talks about his different examples he adds consistently tells his readers how much he has done while writing the essay. He has used multitasking as an example to compare how much one can have access to when online. For example, when he mentions that since he has started he’s “checked my mail, deleted two spams, checked an image-sharing community I like” (Doctorow par.2). Doctorow mentions how much he did while writing the essay and still managed to finish. Also, he agrees that novel have impacted the future…show more content…
Also, both writing pieces have asked questions in their readings, whether it is in the titles or in the paragraphs trying to connect with the reader. In both, they are comparing their own opinions while each using either a paper book versus an electronic platform. As readers, we agree to want paper books but using technology more than using paper books. Essentially, they come across trying to state that eBooks are perfect and better and paper books are basically gone, but both end up explaining why paper books should be kept around. Therefore, both authors have used their unique writing styles to state similar results with different evidence. In conclusion, both writing pieces have proved that keeping paper books and eBooks around is the best
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