Velocity Residence

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Why do you want to live in Velocity?
The Velocity Residence is a place where I will excel. It seems like a close knit environment where I'll be surrounded with others who are similarly passionate about entrepreneurship. This opens up plenty of opportunities to network and collaborate, while also providing me with the inspiration to be just as motivated and hardworking as those around me. Even though I feel like the Velocity Residence has a lot to offer me, I also have a lot to offer because I will be able to contribute my enthusiasm, ideas, and software skills to hopefully make the experience of other residents even better.

What do you know about Velocity already?
I know that Velocity is a startup incubator that provides the knowledge, resources and support necessary for startups to grow and prosper. I also know that
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I've worked on various side projects in the past, but they were smaller in scope and not made with the intent of starting a company or generating revenue. It's my goal to collaborate with other residents on software projects. In the event that I'm not the one to come up with the preliminary idea, I'm still more than willing to offer my input and software development skills to help flesh out an idea and make it become reality.

Where does your interest in entrepreneurship come from? *
My father is a small business owner, so that was my first exposure to it. That being said, my interest in entrepreneurship has grown steadily in the last few years as I've learned more about it. I also believe my co-op experiences have helped me tremendously in this respect because they've forced me to think critically about what I'm looking for in a career. Specifically I feel that working on an entrepreneurial venture would give me feelings satisfaction, ownership, and creative control that couldn't be matched at a large company.

What 3 goals are you looking to accomplish from your experience living in Velocity?
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