Vendor Managed Inventory

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THE EFFECTIVENESS OF VENDOR MANAGED INVENTORY (VMI) TOWARDS IMPROVING SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (SCM): A CONTRACT MANUFACTURER PERSPECTIVE By SAZANI BIN SHAFIE Research report in partial fulfillment of the requirement for The degree of Master of Business Administration MARCH 2004 I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation to certain people whose contributions and assistance have been critical towards the completion of this project. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude goes to Associates Professor T. Ramayah for his tireless effort and tremendous assistance. His comments have been invaluable and his guide remains inspiration by which I follow as I hike through the endless track of completion. My mother,…show more content…
Sejumlah 80 firma kontraktor perkilangan telah membalas kaji selidik yang dijalankan dari sejumlah 124 firma yang dihubungi (64.5%). Analisa keputusan yang dibuat mendapati perkongsian maklumat dan perkongsian strategik mempunyai implikasi positif ke atas pencapaian kontraktor
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