Vendor Selection Process Redesign Proposal For Procurement

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To: John F., Director of Business Services P. Roger, Project Manager Steve Phillips, Sr. Lead of Purchasing Department From: Peter Williams Date: July 16, 2015 Subject: Vendor selection process redesign proposal for procurement The purpose of this proposal is to improve or change the vendor selection process to purchase of goods and services from Third Party Company for production of company products. In the company, the vendor selection process is managed by a project manager with the help of purchasing department. This includes the following process: • Identification of potential vendors • Request for proposal • Evaluate response. • Select vendor after negotiation. But in this proposal, the mainly concentration is on “Evaluate response” process in which purchasing department needs to evaluate the vendor’s response with respect to buyer’s requirements. This process has following steps: • Develop Evaluation Document: Develop evaluation matrix document which include following requirements: o Ability to provide material in specified time. o Ability to manufacture specified material as mention in proposal request. o Any backup plan in case of any damage happens at vendor’s site. • Evaluation of requirements: After collecting response or proposals from all vendors need to compare it with evaluation matrix, to check if all they are able to meet mentioned criteria. • Product Demonstrations: Vendors will demonstrate their material to buyer for showcase the

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