Venezuel A Country Of The Northern End Of South America

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Venezuela Name College Affiliation PART ONE VENEZUELA Overview Venezuela is a country that is located at the Northern end of South America. The country occupies an area that is roughly larger than a combination of France and Germany. The country borders the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the north. The northern neighbor is Guyana and on the east, it borders Brazil. Other neighbors are Columbia which is to the southwest; the nation 's capital is Caracas. Social and economic factors The major economic activities include industry, commerce, and tourism. Venezuela also administers some islands and archipelagos that include the Margarita Island, La Tortuga, Los Roques and Los Monjes. Like many Latin American countries, Venezuela has a high number of poverty levels in cities and other urban dwellings. The country has been experiencing a large debt and widespread governmental patronage and corruption which have seen the country struggle economically (Peter 2010). Other social, political and social challenges have been caused by natural disasters like floods. However, it is important to know that the country is politically stable as compared to the neighbors. In the recent past, Venezuela has experienced growth in the film industry which is a big boost to the social, cultural interaction with the world. The Venezuelan health care system has many challenges because of the people here cannot afford to get essential health services, and even the

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