Venezuela And The Political System

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VENEZUELA Venezuela is located on the north coast of South America. It is a very interesting country, since it possesses many unique attributes and resources that other countries in the region do not. There are several different systems that represent these resources and attributes. Major Kris A. Arnold (2006) states “PMESII is (sic) military acronym listed in several joint and service publications, which evolved from a systems perspective, and equates to the political, military, economic, social, infrastructure, and information systems of states. The acronym provides a starting point for identifying key interrelated systems of an adversary and facilitates analysis and kinetic and non-kinetic targeting”. Venezuela is an especially interesting case due to the political system in place, in addition to the unique economic power that the nation has. The political system in Venezuela is communist or socialist, depending on how one defines the terms and views the nation. The official name of Venezuela is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, an allusion to the revolutions started by Simon Bolivar in many areas of South America. The majority of those countries are socialist or communist in their governmental systems. Nicholas Maduro is the current president, and can serve as president for as many terms as he wants. The United Socialist Party, or PSUV, is one of the major parties in the nation. The PUSV, formerly unchallenged in power, lost the most recent
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