Venezuela Report

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Venezuela Infrastructure Deployment MBA 530 Management Information Systems – Ashland University Kevin Metzger 1. OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this report is to describe all the work we did to implement network infrastructure in the Venezuela offices. In summary, we will present the following: - A list of activities performed to upgrade the Venezuela offices. -The infrastructure situation after the upgrade. (This is shown by separate areas, like network, desktops, printers and others.) - An outline of the next actions and future issues regarding the Venezuela Offices. - A review of lessons learned (and comments to consider in future projects in Venezuela.) 2. OFFICES…show more content…
In both offices, the network closets were small and we could not install the equipment correctly. The Picture 4 shows the network closet of Valencia, the switch doesn’t fit into the closet and the router could not be installed inside it. We had the same problems in Caracas. [pic] [pic] To finish the network set up Pat Aquila installed the Access Point. We connected it to port 23 in both switches and made the wireless network available. We made a small site survey and found a good place to install the AP, and as a result we got a good signal in all environments. Picture 5 shows the Access Point of Valencia, which is located on the second floor, immediately above the stairs. [pic] 5. PRINTERS: In both offices, each computer has a local printer device connected and these are shared with other machines on the network. All the printers are old and the models are outdated. Printer issues are resolved by a local outsourced company. The offices
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