Venezuela 's Power And Power

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Venezuela has been gradually turning into a tyranny. What used to be one of the most economically prosperous countries in Latin America, has been corrupted by a sole man, who single-handedly managed to control Venezuela for 15 years and pull it away from the ideal of democracy.[1] While alive, Hugo Chávez arose like a populist false prophet, took advantage of an establishment-tired and politically divided Venezuela, and did everything possible to perpetuate his own power and pave the way for a monopolistic tyrannical regime.[2] During his rule, Chávez centralized power in Venezuela, reduced freedom and individual rights, and modified and consequently abused the political instruments at his disposal.[3] He contaminated education, nationalized and used media for propaganda[4], and turned the rich and the poor against each other, in order to monopolize politics in Venezuela, enrich himself to the detriment of the rest, and perpetuate the control of his party in the country. Day to day, people become increasingly poorer in Venezuela.[5] The government this caudillo left behind has become unbeatable and has inspired hate between supporters and dissidents. Violence and insecurity have become appallingly recurring in Venezuela.[6] The rise of Socialism in Venezuela and Hugo Chávez’s way of governing tremendously resemble the rise of tyranny in Plato’s The Republic and Hobbes’ The Leviathan sovereign way of governing.
The story of how Venezuela became undemocratic is surprisingly…

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