Venezuelan Crisis: Grounds for Revolution? Essay

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On February 12th 2014, college students from different institutions all across Venezuela stormed the streets in protest against the economic crisis that is still facing their country today. These student protesters claim that the protests are a result of the scarcity of goods, high rates of criminal violence, and inflation within the country. They believed that both the current and previous governments are responsible for the horrible conditions within the country because of economic policies that are currently in place. These policies include price controls that have led to Venezuela having one of the highest inflation rates in the world. In February of this year, “Venezuela's annual inflation rate rose to 57.3 percent … the central bank…show more content…
Political Culture is a wide-ranging term that can be conceptualized in many ways. For the Venezuelan conflict, it is important to access, specifically, the identity issues as a result of globalization through media and communications. In the same way, globalization is not just about economic relationships or trade. When studying a nation’s political culture, it is important to take a look at how globalization has impacted it. Globalization is broader than one topic; it is the development of our world as a result of interdependence and communication. Globalization is propelled greatly by the economy, especially by free trade and the free flow of capital. Globalization is the pervasive spread of cultures, ideologies, beliefs and so much more. Globalization breaks down barriers and aids interdependence. Those who are in favor of globalization claim that, because of globalization, our worldwide market is able to flourish. Having a worldwide market allows consumers to get goods from outside their own nation. Some claim that globalization helps us learn about other cultures. They believe that globalization helps the world become more tolerant because there is so much interdependence. At the root of all the benefits "globalization is a vital step towards both a more stable world and better lives for the people within it” (Liber, Weisberg, 2004, 274). Globalization is the bridge that unites cultures rather than separating them. It is undeniable that

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