Venezuelan Immigration Essay

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Venezuelan Immigration

How did independence politically affect the Creole class in Venezuela?

I. Venezuelan independence split the Creole class into two political factions, liberals, and conservatives. In addition, independence motivated many Creoles to remove themselves from politics and pass their power to local caudillos, or soldiers. (Williamson 233-234) (Greene 105-106)
A. During Venezuelan's independence movement, opposing viewpoints of two of the colonies most influential revolutionary leaders sparked disagreements within the Creole class.
1. Simon Bolivar sought to completely liberate Venezuela and the rest of South America from monarchy. He also wanted more social classes in Venezuela to participate in
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Independence caused many Creole citizens and revolutionary leaders to remove themselves from politics.
1. The violent independence movements in Venezuela had repelled many Creoles from politics in general.
a) Discussed or now uninterested in politics, many Creoles returned to their haciendas to continue their lives as landowners.
b) Lives as landowners, and not politicians, offered Creoles the ability to focus on themselves without worrying about the needs and wants of a nation.
c) Simon Bolivar, the most famous revolutionary in Venezuela, removed himself from politics a few years before his death of tuberculosis. He felt the quarreling between Creoles signified that he had failed as a political leader.
2. Creoles transferred their political power to the caudillos, or the soldiers in Venezuela.
a) Independence ultimately resulted in a loss of political power in the Creole class.

Why did the Indians in Venezuela become more poverty-stricken after independence?

I. The Indians of Venezuela became more poverty-stricken after independence because of increased economic demand in the late 1850's. Therefore, the caste system of the Venezuela was abolished in order to exploit the Indians more intensely. (Williamson 244-245)
A. Before colonial independence, the caste system of Venezuelan
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