Venezuela's Economy : The Corruption Of The Economy In Venezuela

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Capital: Caracas
Continent: South America
Issue: In Venezuela, the United Socialist Party (PSUV) has been in the power 18 years first with Chavez and them with Maduro, both elected by democratic elections. Now the country is divided into two significant groups Chavistas, people who support socialism and the actual president, and opposition, people anti-government and believe the corruption of the actual president. With this, the country is immersed in extreme violence, constants violations of humans rights and alarm power corruption. Additionally, some problems that the dictatorship produces like protests, the end of commercial relations with other countries, and the decreasing economy. The abuse of power leading to incrust the violations of humans right is the significant issue that Venezuela has to face today. This has an extended history that began in 1999, with the victory of Chavez in the name of socialism, but the break in the government started when Maduro raises in power and with the end of relations with the United States, who was the principal oil buyer. As well, the counting falling oil prices had decreased the Venezuela’s economy and limited the public inversion that the government used to do. With bad relations and an affected economy poverty, violence and discomfort with the government began. The corrupt power and constant violation of human rights are affecting in significant ways the country, particularly in the investment that the government
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