Vengeance In Hamlet Essay

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In William Shakespeare's play Hamlet, multiple themes are portrayed throughout numerous scenes. From the beginning to the end, there are many different themes that take place. Hamlet was the son of King Hamlet who was killed by his brother Claudius. Hamlet lived in grief and then later encountered a ghost that was his father who give him some wisdom and the truth of what had happened. Hamlet's next move was to then get revenge on his father’s death. He ran into some issues with relationship’s with the lovely Ophelia who was forced to turn him down. This caused a lot of mental issues with hamlet along with hamlet’s mother falling in love with her dead husband’s brother. It just put Hamlet on the edge and set it off quite a bit. While he was…show more content…
In this story, vengeance was a big themed used with hamlet. Due to his father being killed and then hamlet finding out the truth, he immediately wanted to do something about it. But today vengeance is commonly used in good ways and bad ways. For as good as vengeance can be used, it can be used in a way that is just as bad. Vengeance can be used as a tactic to better yourself by giving you a motivation to do better. If you are beat badly in a basketball, it can make you want to go back to work in the gym to get better to help you beat them the next time. If a teacher gives you a really hard test that you do not do so well on, you can hit the books by studying hoping to have a better chance on the next test. Now that is just a couple of ways the theme vengeance is positively used. There are also quite a few ways that the theme can be negatively used though. If someone were to hit you in a basketball game from anger, you could want this revenge by going and getting payback on him but also risking getting kicked out of the game. Vengeance can really question who has good integrity and self control throughout their
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