Vengeance and Dramatic Conflict in Electra and Orestes

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Introduction:- Since Sophocles and Euripides’s tragedies Electra and Orestes got so much success, name and received great critical acclaim they have been extensively approached and discussed in terms of characterization, themes, symbols, plot, incestuous love, demolition, betrayal and especially lamentation. For instance, Vengeance is the soul of the both plays and it is largely discussed as major themes of the play. But its connection with the tragedy of characters is far away better to be discussed. It arises towards dramatic conflict and it brings out the real sight of the characters and becomes the reason behind of tragedy in these two masterpieces of Ancient Greek drama. So vengeance is the core of these plays because of its major…show more content…
Sophocles “Electra” and Euripides “Orestes” are Greek tragedies and both have a great name in the Greek theater and history of English Literature. Greek theater is incomplete without these two masterpieces. Electra and Orestes are brother and sister and very famous characters of Greek Mythology.
Since the researcher started work on this tragedy they tried to conduct a research on the purpose behind this tragedy. There is abundance of topics in the book to discuss that is why it became the focal point of researchers at that time and even today the research is going on because still there are many things about the play which demand extensive research. The book is full of various thematic implications as in betrayal, fate; murder, manipulation, incestuous love and many of them are discussed but still students of English literature feel there is lack of research on it.
General research is enough on Electra (410) and Orestes (408) but the books really demand wide research for proper understanding of the motive behind writing this play. There is enough work is available on some themes like theme of fate, theme of betrayal, theme of revenge, theme of jealousy but themes are great in number so they need more and more research. The plot, structure and setting of the plays are discussed by many researchers they are done with many important things about setting and structure of the play.
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