Venipuncture Report

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Preforming a venipuncture is relatively simple once one knows the process. Venipunctures are a routine medical procedure for blood specimen collection that are usually performed by a phlebotomist. To start, the phlebotomist should identify their patient. Next, they should examine the patient’s veins and select the proper equipment. Equipment needed will vary from patient to patient depending on their age, vein accessibility, medical conditions and previous venipuncture experiences. Following the equipment, a tourniquet should be applied and the vein to be accessed should be located. A tourniquet should not be on a patient for longer than two minutes. Doing so can alter test results and damage the patient’s arm. After the vein is mapped, the puncture site should be cleaned with an alcohol swab and allowed to air dry. Blowing on the site to dry it faster will only contaminate the site and possibly spread more germs and bacteria.…show more content…
By doing so, the patient’s skin has less resistance and the initial puncture will cause less pain. The needle is held in the dominant hand with the first two fingers underneath and the thumb on top to anchor the needle so it does not move while in the patient’s arm. The needle is then inserted into the vein and the blood collection begins. There are a few different pieces of collection equipment that can be used, such as a syringe that the phlebotomist will manually pull back on to fill. Or a vacuum tube can be used. Vacuum tubes have a seal that allows the vacuum of the tube to automatically draw the blood inside without additional aid from the
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