Ventilations in Buildings

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1.1 Introductions In this research more to service of ventilations in the building. In general, the ventilation system in building is the process deliberate replacement of warm inside air with cooler outside air. Ventilation process is the process fresh of air that is contaminated air is removed from an occupied space is termed ventilation. By using naturally occurring air temperature and pressure differences, or by mechanical means such as exhaust fans & air-Cond system. Component of climates in relation to the building, sources by (Ashrae, 1989). However, the ventilation system is needed in the building to make more human comfort for building occupants, and to provide the oxygen for dilute metabolism and also to avoid from metabolic pollutants such as carbon dioxide and odor. It is also used to maintaining good indoor air quality in building and removing other pollutants emitted within a space but should not be used as substitute for proper source control of pollutants. Ventilation is additionally used for cooling and (particularly in dwellings) to provide oxygen to combustion appliances. Good ventilation is a major contributor to the health and comfort of building occupants. In this topic, ventilation system in building will be specific for the housing especially, compares with traditional house and modern house now this using the different ventilation system. Ventilation is the process by which fresh air moved around the building. Good ventilation is essential for
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