Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Essay

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Running head: A QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS OF CLINICIANS' PERCEPTION OF A Qualitative Analysis of Clinicians' Perception of Head-of-Bed Elevation Jolly Abraham Grand Canyon University NRS-433V January 09, 2011 A Qualitative Analysis of Clinicians' Perception of Head-of-Bed Elevation Ventilator - associated pneumonia (VAP) is the second most common hospital acquired infection (HAI) and is associated with high morbidity and mortality rates for ventilated patients in intensive care units (Bingham, Ashley, Jong, & Swift, 2010). The VAP increases patients’ mortality rates, length of stay and hospital costs (Hiner, Kasuya, Cottingham, & Whitney, 2010). The VAP is the leading causes of death due to nosocomial infections and the…show more content…
Grounded theory tries to account for people’s actions from the perspective of those involved (Polit & Beck, 2010, p. 269). The study was conducted at Harborview Medical Center, a level one trauma center in Seattle, Washington. The study was reviewed and approved by the institutional and university of Washington internal review boards (Hiner et al., 2010, p. 167). The word variable in research refers as measurable characteristics, values, or properties of people or things that can take on different values (Cherry, 2011). In this study the clinicians’ perception of head of bed elevation is the independent variable and clinicians’ knowledge and their accuracy of performance is the dependent variable. The sample for this study was 175 clinicians who were employed at medical center and they were directly involved in patient care (Hiner et al.). The sample of clinicians includes 89 registered nurses, 39 physicians, 21 respiratory therapists, 16 medical and hospital assistants, and 10 physical and occupational therapists (Hiner et al., p. 166). In order to accomplish the accuracy of the results the study excluded the clinicians who were not directly involved in patient care. Although the study did not mention any thing about the informed consent was obtained from the participants. The study was to describe clinicians’ ability to estimate recommended HOB elevation levels. The study Procedures In this study the researchers used
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