Venture Capital

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Venture Capital (MLA Citation) Online daily deal companies provide subscribers with daily deals for local business that are not available to the general public. Peixe Urbano, Brazil's first online daily deal company, has recently secured "financing with mutual funds and institutional accounts managed by Morgan Stanley Investment Management and T. Rowe Price Associates." (Sreeharsha) In other words, the Brazilian company Peixe Urbano has been loaned money by American investment firms in order to finance research and development, as well as new product development, and a push into local e-commerce. The article entitled "Mutual Funds Invest in Brazilian Online Deals Company," therefore provides an example of how venture capital can be used in conjunction with international business principles. "Venture Capital" is the money that allows new business enterprises to be undertaken and is often provided by "Venture Capital Funds;" which are made up of resources provided by investors. Because of this, venture capital is commonly referred to as the "money of invention." Those who manage venture capital funds "play a significant role in enhancing the value of their entrepreneurial investments as they provide financial, administrative, marketing, and strategic advice"¦" (Cumming 1) Venture capital fund managers also provide those businesses in which they invest capital with a network of support including the best accountants, lawyers, bankers, and organizations. The overall goal

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