Venture Creation Programs

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This chapter presents the general theoretical framework applied in the study. Theoretical framework is based on well-established literature review and theory sensitive insider action observations. Theoretical framework enables a thorough analysis by providing different perspectives for analysing the data (Halvorsen,1992) which will be presented later during this report. Venture creation programs- action based entrepreneurial education There are studies on benefits and challenges of action-based entrepreneurship education built upon a venture creation (Ollila and Williams). The founder of a venture, particularly if it is his or her first venture, is attempting to learn how to be an entrepreneur. He/ she is acting out a multiplicity of roles for which there are no scripts. As today, little is known about how this journey of venture creation unfolds. (Morris, 2012) However, venture launch forms the tasks and after that hundreds if not thousands of salient activities, events, and developments take place. In venture many elements are unplanned and form by time, mistakes occur frequently and changes emerge. This process involves interplay between cognitive, affective and physiological elements. Positive and negative emotions dominates the process of venture creation. (Morris, 2012) Many events occur as venture unfolds but the experience and response to these events vary from person to person. (Politis,2005; Morris, 2012) Students interested in self employment need more
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