Venturing into the Writing of Jane Austen

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When venturing into Jane Austen, I started reading her letters one of them was her talking to her niece about marriage, and went more into her life and the way she chose to live it. After learning how she lived and about her life I Watched the BBC version of Mansfield Park, just to get a hold of what Mansfield Park really is. After the movie was done I had a discussion about it comparing to the PBS version of Mansfield Park. Then Compared Mansfield Park to Persuasion followed by Sense and Sensibility, all of which have an important source of silence which leads to Feminine power. Fanny Price, Anne Elliot, and Elinor Dashwood each have a reserved and silent composure that makes them at first be ignored but later appreciated. Silence can be a sign of moral strength, when silent a person can escape their reality and escape from noise or anything they don’t want to be in. in all three of the novels Silence serves as an escape in Mansfield Park Fanny uses her silence as a moral center in response to the insincere social world. Fanny seems to be a silent heroine with less power than others around her. The male characters are fascinated by the well spoken women and tend to fall for the lying and cheating type, but with the silence of Fanny as well as Elinor and Anne the male “hero” cannot ignore the connections and end up together despite all of what may have happened in the past. Silence in Mansfield Park is significant. There are times when silence is chosen and sometimes

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