Vera Bradley Case

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Vera Bradley is a start-up company which began from the basement of a home and grew to be a successful design-oriented bags & luggage company. As sales grew rapidly, Vera Bradley is currently facing some issues, one of among which will be addressed in this paper. About Vera Bradley The company is founded by Barbara Baekgaard and Patricia Miller. They wanted to make functional bags for everyday use and travel at a price that would give them a broader audience. They first needed to identify their target audience for which they needed market research. They made their first design and exhibit them in a trunk show. Performance was good and it was a sign that middle aged women liked their brand. They also wanted to see whether younger…show more content…
Vera Bradley needs to increase its volume so that it can work with wholesalers. This paper focuses on the last challenge in the list. Options to Overcome the Challenge Although Barb & Pat tested the product on college girls and received positive feedback, their sales were still focused on middle aged women between 30-60 years. I think Vera Bradley should enlarge its target audience by focusing on the younger segment. This should be carried out carefully so to avoid any loss in its current customer base. Vera Bradley should first renew its market research. They can work with professional firms to carry out surveys to see what kind of functions they need, what colors they like etc. This is a requirement as trends in young societies are prone to change. They can also make informal research with their college student children and their friends. Understanding their needs is the key to the strategy. Once this is done, Vera Bradley can make new designs to address the audience’s needs. I think new products should be differentiated from the regular Vera Brandley line so that college girls do not associate the brand with the middle-aged audience. * A separate line: Vera Bradley has already established brand awareness in the market and it is highly probable that young girls perceive the brand as a middle-aged one. Being able to change this perception is vital. So the new

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