Vera Drake

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For the first time I watched the British film in 2004 Vera Drake which is directed by Mike Leigh, I did not finish it because the kindness of middle age woman with smiley face seems to be annoying. With paying no attention to Vera's happy and decent world, I have missed many things in the film as I stop watching it. As researching for journal assignment for British Cinema, I had decided to watch it closely one more time. Since the scene of police arriving at Vera's house for the issue of illegal abortion, the film magically makes me stay with it while the feeling toward the main character as she is my elder relative who emotionally faces problem is created which being a part of her family makes me finished up the film. Vera Drake…show more content…
Therefore; the law in 1950 is meant to make it illegal to the poor who seek abortion. The director further addresses the anti capitalist attitude with characterization of a rich girl who gets her better abortion while the poor are left to bleed with underground service. The value between a hundred pounds and two pounds caused life and death within people in 1950 and even today. It also portrays the different between the significant in lives of two classes. The risk from abortion of the upper class concerns with the shameful in high society while the lower class involves with being alive. Without Vera, poor girls has less ability to solve the unwanted pregnant. Since the movie is not about abortion as much as the important of family, the Krakes are filled with warmth, laughter, and happiness. There is a strong family bond which holds them together to make a classic small unit. The emotion of Vera when she is arrested expresses important her family is as she let them down. The film also depicts the faith within people which sometimes people hearty believe and strongly have faith in something. Once this belief occurs, people are unaware of the incorrect within their faith until they get hurt from it. Vera believes in helping girl without concerning the effects until she hurts one of the girl, her family, and herself. The feeling of pain is explored under the time consuming but naturally narrative which makes the audience remain in the seat for a
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