Vera Wang Advertising Analysis

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Vera Wang is one of the most iconic designers in fashion today and this ad takes advantage of her recognition. This image, most likely from a fashion magazine, promotes Vera Wang’s dress line. The advertisement uses three significant contrasts to draw the buyer in. First, the model in the actual dress line. Second, the flourishing background the models are put in. It makes you think about what the photographer was trying to portray. Lastly, the display case made the models are standing in and around. The model in the front draws in the buyer, but the case is see-through, allowing the viewer to see the model standing on the back side and part of the models arm to the left. The image suggests that someone who wears Vera Wang can have multiple styles and still feel good in whatever type of style that is.
The greenery background gives the ad an interesting contrast. This is a nature setting, as implied by the grass and plants. Most of this background is not very visible, as the models take up most of the advertisement. The brightness of the plants suggest this photo was taken midday when the sun was at its peak. It was taken with a shallow depth of field, meaning the background is blurred and the main focus is on the objects in the front of the photo, The greenery is not very green, but fades into the background. There are no animals in the trees in the back, maybe suggesting this was taken in a place without a lot of wildlife, or the fact that there’s no resources for these
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