Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

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The difference between verbal and non-verbal communication
Verbal communication is communicating with another person using speech or written words. We communicate verbally using tone, pitch and the speed of our spoken words. These usually indicate different emotions. For example a high pitch and fast paste speech can indicate excitement. Verbal communication is used in a health and social care environment to make sure that we understand clearly what the client or patient wants or might need. These environments can be in a chemist, doctors, hospital, school or any public facility.
Within verbal communication there is a speech cycle. This speech cycle can help the process from an idea occurring to the other person receiving the message successfully. This cycle was called argyle communication cycle. The steps in this cycle are:
1. An idea occurs, you have an idea of what you want to say to the other person.
2. Message coded, you think through the idea and decide on how to say or write the idea down.
Message sent, this is when the message is coded correctly that you may speak, sign or write the message.
3. Message received, the other person has to sense of your message. They hear your words or see your symbols.
4. Message decoded, the other person has to interpret or decode your message i.e... (What you have said). This is not always easy, as the other person will make assumptions about your words and body language.
5. Message decoded, the other person has to interpret or…
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