Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

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Communication is act of relaying messages to each other in society whether it may be formal or non-formal. We use both verbal and non-verbal communication every day to communicate with people around us. There are several functions of everyday language whether it may be simply giving directions to someone on the street, a professor lecturing a class at a college, a mime performing on the street, or even dancing. These types of communications delivers a message to an audience. Our everyday life is filled with many different activities and the different types of communication helps to facilitate our interactions with people when sending and receiving commands. Due to the fact that women and men perceive information differently, it can often be problematic in communication.
Non-verbal communication is the exchange of information without the use of words. Non-verbal codes are kinesics, proxemics, haptics, and appearance and artifacts. There are often different interpretation of non-verbal communication in different regions and also based on gender differences. Kinesics is one of the most used type of non-verbal communication. This includes the use of body movements, hand gestures, facial expressions, and eye behavior. This type of communication can often be misinterpreted due to the type of person it may be coming from. A daily misinterpretation of using kinesics to communicate is when females display facial expressions that may not be pleasing to another female and this at times…
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