Verbal And Non Verbal Communications

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1- I chose this option among all others due to my passion to learn about other cultures that are located near my country. Moreover, learning about other countries culture may prevent unwanted actions to occur, and enhance the communication of people. In this project I would like to talk more about the verbal and non-verbal communications in both Kuwait and Egypt, in which I show similarities and differences between the two cultures. People think that because they are Arabs their language, culture, and behavior are the same, which is not true. It happens sometimes that two neighbors countries don’t have the same accent or culture, but stereotypes exist everywhere. “It 's different cultures that make the world go 'round at the end of the day.” – Samantha fox.

2-My friend Adam Hakeem is originated from Egypt and has the Egyptian nationality as well. When he participated in soccer championship, located in Alexandria, two years ago, the goal of this tournament was to collect money for the poor people in Syria that suffered for more than 3 years with no education given and no hospitals available because of the coup happened there. The owner of this tournament set a minimum price for every team to participate, and whoever pay more will have the opportunity to have a dinner with the owner of this tournament. On the other hand, many teams participated in this tournament because they wanted to help Syrians. Adam’s aims were totally different than what everyone expected,…
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