Verbal And Of Verbal Abuse

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When you hear the word “abuse”, you probably think of someone being physically hurt. But abuse comes in many other forms; emotional, verbal, and sexual. Specifically, verbal abuse in marriage can often be overlooked because it does not leave physical scars and usually occurs in private. Verbal abuse can come from either partner, male or female. Any race, color, or religion. The abuser wants to take control and will eventually destroy the victim emotionally. Not only does it affect the victim, but also the whole family. This abuse first has to be identified before it can be dealt with effectively. Verbal abuse in marriage is very detrimental to the marriage and has many far reaching consequences. Verbal abuse has one, universal definition: the constant demeaning of another (Skerritt, 2006). The goal of the abuser is to control and manipulate. The abuser manipulates/controls the victim with fear or shame. This makes the victim feel crazy. Verbal attacks are usually unpredictable and can take many different forms: Making mean or crude jokes about you, name calling, blaming his/her behavior on you, derogatory criticism about your looks, threatening you, and abusive anger ( Many people strictly think of verbal abuse as name calling, but it involves so much more than that. “Verbal abuse is a behavior, not a disease. But verbal abuse, like all kinds of abuse, is caused by an underlying disease. Healthy people might occasionally lose their temper, leading to an
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