Verbal Communication And Written Communication

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There are 2 types of communication that will be discussed below, which are verbal communication and written communication 2.3.1 Verbal communication Verbal communication exchange their information between different people by communicating orally. The examples of verbal communication would include face-to-face conversation, meetings, interviews, conferences, speeches and phone calls. Verbal communication allows us to exchange ideas, understand the difference in perception and come out with resolution. Work performance is rather significant in employers communication skill which implied their proficiency. The process of transferring information in verbal communication is from one person to another person or groups orally. An effective communication happen only when both party participate in the process understand each other. The information receiver should be able to interpret and decode the message. 2.3.2 Written communication The written communication is communication in readable characteristics by printed or handwritten. Other than that, written communication could also include emails, notes, memos or proposals. In order to achieve success in a project, project manager need to deliver the message clearly, sufficiently and effectively. There may have confusion or failure if unclear written message is sent. The technology of written communication had been develop to become editable and revisable. These functions allow the message that is going to deliver to be flexible in
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