Verbal Communication Essay

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Verbal Communication Paper CJA 304 Mark A. Stuart November 22nd 2010 Heather Arambarri University of Phoenix Verbal communication and nonverbal communication can have both a negative and positive effect on communication within law enforcement officers making public announcement to the press. Law enforcement academies do not teach techniques of communication to officers going through training even with the prominence of communication in everyday functions. Police officers are held at a higher standard than ordinary citizens but are still humans and have the same problems like ordinary citizens. The transfer of an idea from one location to another can be a challenging task for an officer especially if he or she have to…show more content…
Nonverbal communication reflect the relationship between the participants in a courtroom setting, build authority, and help to maintain the tradition of the courtroom. When testifying in a courtroom nonverbal communication consciously or unconsciously affect perception of credibility and are interpret to express emotions. The tone of a person voice when testifying in court is a key component in conveying respect for others. The rate in which the person speak will mostly have an impact on the clarity of the testimony. It is important to maintain contact failure to do this will show that the person is not attentive. Not sitting up straight up will show failure to engage in the interactions. This will demonstrate lack of active listening on the person testifying. If the person testifying verbal and nonverbal behaviors are not congruent the defense attorney, district attorney, and jury will believe the nonverbal over the verbal communication. It is important to send consistent message to add strength to the testimony. Moreover, verbal communication and nonverbal communication can have further affect courtroom communication by sending confusing message that affect effective listening. Poor verbal and nonverbal communication will fail to capture and confirm a message. The focus on the speaker and his or her message will be misleading. When testifying it is important to make sure the
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