Verbal Communication In Health Care

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Communication in Health Care: Applied Concepts In the field of health care, communication is essential for proper function in every situation. Poor communication skills can result in perilous and sometimes fatal consequences. Each interaction with coworkers and patients is critical, and effectively communicating is an important means by which quality care is provided. As future health care providers, it is our responsibility to learn to effectively communicate between other providers and patients. Wayfinding shifts were an excellent way to practice effective communication in a health care setting. During my wayfinding shifts, I experienced firsthand the communication process between providers and patients while applying concepts about effective communication with patients and providers. Nonverbal communication is perhaps the most important way we communicate with each other. Types of nonverbal communication include gestures, facial expression, and posture (McCorry & Mason, 2011). Nonverbal communication is constantly used in healthcare to express feelings, give direction, and to indicate comprehension. During wayfinding, I had the opportunity to use my knowledge of nonverbal communication skills to help two patients. The first instance that I used nonverbal communication skills was with an elderly gentleman who needed the hospital room number of a good friend. The clerk at the information desk had difficulty explaining to the gentleman the location of his friend’s room. I
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