Verbal Listening Ranking High Came

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surprised me but then made more sense since I thought of how I look forward to humor in what a presenter has to say because it makes me more comfortable. Scoring the lowest on discerning listening was not surprising, this reminded me of when I was in angry with a loved one because they were late regarding an important event and reacted before gathering all the necessary information. The comprehensive result was not surprising, I enjoy the task of organizing scattered information and feeling a sense of the meaning of the overall message. Evaluative listening ranking high came as a surprise to me because my past experiences lead me to believe that I may be hesitant to give critiques and making decisions. • Then move to the reflective data • Here we ask you to report on the “internal experience” of reviewing your PLP results at the “big picture” level (i.e., p. 3) • That is, as you reviewed each section of the "Personal Listening Profile" assessment report, share/describe the various reactions, emotions (feelings and/or mood), associations, and/or prior experiences that were triggered; noting any images that came/come to mind; as well as, metaphors that might capture the internal experience of reviewing your PLP results; these are all factors that can be explored in the reflective data domain. In short, how the external data landed on you personally. • Mount, you have presented your internal reactions with the access point of feelings and emotions and some association of
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