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University of Phoenix Material Verbal and Nonverbal Coding Worksheet Part A: Nonverbal Instructions: Respond to each question below in complete sentences with at least 150 words. Include at least one example from the reading materials that supports your position in your response. 1. Is a smile a universal nonverbal form of communication? Why or why not? Provide specific examples in your answer. I would say yes, that the smile is a nonverbal form of communication all over the world. The reason I believe this to be true is because a smile is letting people know how you are feeling and they way you feel about them. I smile at others because I am happy or I am happy to see them, and I believe the same thing is true…show more content…
Part B: Verbal Instructions: There are five interrelated sets of rules that combine to create a verbal code or language. In the middle column, define the five verbal rules that create the verbal code in a minimum of two sentences for each rule. In the last column, provide an example from both American culture and an international culture for each of the five rules of verbal codes. Then answer the questions on the following page. Rule set Definition (2 or more sentences) Examples (1 American culture example and 1 international culture example) (1) Phonology (rules for word sounds) (2) Morphology (units of meaning in a word) (3) Semantics (distinct meaning of words) (4) Syntax (relationship of words to each other) (5) Pragmatics (effect on human perception) 1. What is one possible drawback of phonology if a nonnative speaker has poor accuracy? What might be done to master a new phonology? Some of the drawbacks that deal with sound and speeches if a non-native speaker has poor accuracy is they may be saying the right words but they are not coming out correctly. An example is someone from India trying to speak English; since they have such a strong accent they come out wrong. My son is in speech therapy and they give him a mirror to practice saying the sounds that he has a hard time with. I think that this would work for mastering a new phonology as well. Practice helps learn any language, and

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