Verizon Business Model Essay

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Verizon was started on June 30, 2000 when GTE and Bell Atlantic Corp merged. Verizon is a 21st century however the companies that composed Verizon have roots that date back to the 19th Century at the beginning of the telephone era. The merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE were among the largest mergers in U.S. businesses history. Prior to the merger GTE was one of the world's largest telecommunications companies. Bell Atlantic was even larger than GTE. In 1999, Bell Atlantic and London-based Vodafone AirTouch announced that they had agreed to create a new wireless business with a single brand and a common digital technology, composed of Bell Atlantic's and Vodafone's U.S. wireless assets including 22 million households and more than 2…show more content…
These figures indicate an increase in the sale of their products. Verizon is able to increase their market share yearly by finding ways of attracting new customers and providing service to maintain their current clients. Verizon advertises that they have the largest and most reliable network in the nation. They also advertise that they are always working for the customer. The increase of revenue indicates that they are selling more of their line of products annually. Verizon has a business model that differs from other Telecommunication companies, they strive to promote the best costumer service available by recently launching a system where they keep track of how long it will take the customer to receive their product once ordered from Verizon and no other keep does this such thing. For example Verizon has a new system called NOW which allows them to provide payroll and human resources services to business. NOW Solutions, Inc. is a Human Resources Management System (HRMS) software and business solutions provider. Payroll, recruiting, position control, benefits, absence and attendance tracking, employee reviews, career planning, employee/manager self-service and a powerful workflow engine to reduce or eliminate paper are among the many features of empathy For example in Florida agencies and departments in the area will be linked using Verizon's Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) platform that builds
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