Verizon Communications Inc. Corporate Social Responsibility

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Verizon Communications Inc. Corporate Social Responsibility As corporations and businesses evolve, they must adapt to the changing landscape of societal, environmental, and corporate-success needs. To achieve such responsibility, Verizon Communications Inc. has, and continues to, meticulously plant its feet into the web of the triple-bottom line. While maintaining their credo which is “a blueprint that directs us to live up to the highest standards when serving our customers, shareowners, communities, and each other”, Verizon aligns their overall goal to “design, build, and operate global networks, information systems and mobile technologies that connect people, grow businesses and economies, and improve communities” ( The…show more content…
The company has provided an excellent infographics titled “2014 Corporate Responsibility Supplement: Performance Dashboard” detailing the program’s success. The other educational program is the Verizon Innovative App Challenge, which allows middle school and high school students to submit their application ideas that will help communities or schools. So far, the challenge has been a success and they are currently in their fourth year. $20,000 will be granted to the school or organization of the winning group for the national winner, and $5,000 will be granted to state winners. Both programs are shaping the success of our youth by providing channels of opportunities to be part of the greater good for communities. According to Verizon’s 2014 annual report: “We invested more than $380 million in training, development and tuition assistance in 2014 to hone our employees’ skills and equip them to deliver great service to customers. In turn, they invest back into our communities with more than 300,000 hours of volunteer service and more than $9.5 million in donations to thousands of nonprofits around the world. In addition the Verizon Foundation made $66.5 million in contributions, which include $11 million in matching gifts.” Another factor to Verizon giving back is through their dedicated and caring employees. Verizon has several charity programs which include volunteer grants, matching gifts, team fundraisers, collection drives,

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