Verizon Communications Inc. Corporate Social Responsibility

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Verizon Communications Inc. Corporate Social Responsibility As corporations and businesses evolve, they must adapt to the changing landscape of societal, environmental, and corporate-success needs. To achieve such responsibility, Verizon Communications Inc. has, and continues to, meticulously plant its feet into the web of the triple-bottom line. While maintaining their credo which is “a blueprint that directs us to live up to the highest standards when serving our customers, shareowners, communities, and each other”, Verizon aligns their overall goal to “design, build, and operate global networks, information systems and mobile technologies that connect people, grow businesses and economies, and improve communities” ( The portal to Verizon’s success lies in their persistence of accomplishments and commitment to communities, consumers, the environment, and reliance to shareholders. Verizon’s website has many accessible drop down categories for information about the company, the responsibility they are devoted to, news articles to verify their commitments, investors, and careers. Each item listed dives into further detail which will be discussed through three major categories consisting of a pledge to the people, the planet, and Verizon’s profitability.
I. The People: Community, Employees, and Education
To improve communities, “Verizon leverages the power of its network technology, philanthropy, and employees to address pressing problems in education,…
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