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Running Head: VERIZON: STRATEGIC TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT REPORT Verizon: Verizon Who doesn’t remember asking or being asked, “Can you hear me now?”? This phrase was used in effort to find a good signal so that both parties on a mobile phone conversation can be heard? Consequently, the commencement of the cell phone dance would continue until a successful signal was found. Verizon took the negative sting off of this phrase by breaking out the “Test Man” in 2002. The “Test Man” moved around to all sorts of weird places from manholes to the deep ends of a swamp, all while repeating, “Can you hear me now? Good!” (Test Man Launch, 2009). Currently, “Can you hear me now?” is regarded in a positive and humorous light expressing…show more content…
A lot is hinged on good training and development of the staff that are used to develop, make, maintain and represent a product or service that will be sold to a consumer. This industry leader claims the # 1 ranking in Fortune magazine as the “World’s Most Admired Company” within the communication’s industry (Verizon, 2013). Verizon probably has what is considered to be a competitive advantage which speaks to the training methods used to help a business grow and improve by providing employees with the knowledge and skills they need in order to achieve success (Noe, 2010). In early 2013, Verizon was ranked at #1 on Training magazine’s 2013 Training Top 125 rankings of companies who have the best employee training program. The criteria for the company rankings was based on areas such as effectiveness, business impact, total budget for training and development, payroll percentages, employee program training hours and workplace assessments (About Verizon, 2013). One of the standout methods Verizon uses is the Lean Six Sigma that is critical to the company’s success. The goal of using such a method helps save money, increase revenue and add shareholder value. Verizon’s training program now includes VZLearn which is a program that was consolidated to unify the company’s learning system and is a vehicle for online

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