Verizon Launch Plan

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The communications network within Verizon is typically effective, however, at times we struggle to keep pace with the speed of change in the marketplace and effectively disseminate information between departments and throughout our organization. As a large corporation, we are frequently able to leverage the size and scale of our company to our advantage and positively impact customers, shareholders, and employees. However, the size and scale of our business also creates challenges with how quickly and effectively information can be disseminated, retained, and transformed into knowledge by our employees. This is particularly apparent when we are launching a new pricing plans and/or a special promotion. Typically, our Marketing department will develop the new plans/promotion, construct the advertising campaign, and build the internal launch plan with limited involvement from Sales…show more content…
In conclusion, as a leader I understand the importance of maintaining the element of surprise and gaining a competitive advantage versus the competition, however, as a former frontline representative, I also intimately understand how challenging it can be to deliver an exceptional experience to a customer when you are struggling to answer their question. Therefore, I frequently implore our senior leadership to provide as much lead time for training as possible and educate frontline employees regarding why the period between training and launch is so compressed and the importance of not sharing proprietary information regarding the training via social media or the internet. Additionally, as an organization, we are constantly searching for ways to enhance the speed and quality of our training and communications to improve organizational overall agility (Groysberg & Slind,
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