Verizon Swot Analysis Essay

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Verizon SWOT Analysis

Matt Ashcraft


December 2, 2012

Ron Schwendiman
Verizon SWOT Analysis This paper is to decide whether to invest in a company. The company I have chosen is Verizon Communication. I will conduct a SWOT analysis define the elements of the SWOT analysis, and identify the most relevant parts of the analysis. I will then identify Verizon’s stakeholders, both internal and external and describe the stakeholders’ needs and wants. Finally I will discuss how Verizon is fulfilling the stakeholders’ wants and needs.
SWOT Analysis
Strengths According to the FCC Verizon Communications is the largest carrier in the US (FCC, 2011, p.8). Verizon also has the largest 4G LTE (Long Term
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The two companies are locked in a market share grudge match. This almost dead heat competition can leave the door for the smaller competitors like T-Mobile and Sprint to come in with small possible innovation to unseat Verizon. Also government regulations and rulings have impacted Verizon’s growth. Earlier this year the FCC rejected Verizon’s merger with T-Mobile (Kirby, 2012).
Relevant Issues The areas that are the most relevant to the decision to invest would be Verizon’s growing 4GLTE network and their limited international reach. The 4GLTE network shows that Verizon is committed to future growth. International markets are huge opportunities for expansion and while a large risk, can be a big section for Verizon.
Verizon Stakeholders Verizon Communications’ stakeholders fall into two categories, internal and external. Verizon internal stakeholders are their employees. Verizon’s external stakeholders are customers and investors.
Internal Wants and Needs Verizon’s employees’ wants and needs are a high priority for the company. Verizon asked an independent research firm to poll people from a wide range of Verizon’s organization. The results were very good. According to Verizon’s website (2012) “About 4 in 10 consider Verizon’s CR programs to be excellent; 8 in 10 consider them to be excellent or good.”
External Wants and Needs Customer satisfaction is
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