Verizon Wireless: Operational Analysis

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Operational analysis The success of the economic agents depends on a multitude of forces, such as the managerial ability to combine and exploit the resources in an efficient manner, the ability to manage the labor force or the ability to develop positive relationships with the external stakeholder, such as the customers, the business partners, the public and so on. Still, while all these factors are crucial, they are merely adjacent to the core operational function which builds towards organizational success, namely the organizational operations. The concept of the organizational operation is seldom approached within the specialized literature and a proven definition has yet to be forwarded. This can be explained by the fact that the organizational operation is a basic operation, often obvious, without it raising the need for a formal definition. At a generic level, an organizational operation could be understood as "the work or activities done by a business or organization, or the process of doing this work" (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English). At Verizon Wireless, the organizational operations play a central part in the company's attainment of its overall objectives as they are perceived as the practical path to the company's goals. At the telecommunications company, the more crucial operations are represented by the development of new technology and its integration with the already existent systems, in order to ensure sustained functionality and continuous
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