Verizon Wireless

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Verizon Communications Inc. Financial Management Analysis Table of Contents Executive Summary 4 Mission Statement 5 Vision Statement 5 History 5 Business Summary 9 Financial 10 Employees 10 Products Offered 11 Wireless 11 Enterprise/Mid-Market Business 12 Key Enterprise Products and Services 12 Residential/ Small Business 13 Key Residential and Small Business Products and Services 13 Community Work 14 Fast Facts 15 Customers and Target Market 15 Financial Ratios Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Financial Analysis Income Statement Analysis Cash Flows Statement and Analysis WACC Calculation Financial Planning…show more content…
The Bell Atlantic [pic] - GTE Merger [pic] The mergers that formed Verizon were among the largest in U.S. business history, culminating in a definitive merger agreement, dated July 27, 1998, between Bell Atlantic, based in New York City, and GTE, which was in the process of moving its headquarters from Stamford, Conn., to Irving, Texas. GTE and Bell Atlantic had each evolved and grown through years of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Each had proven track records in successfully integrating business operations. Prior to the merger, GTE was one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, with 1999 revenues of more than $25 billion. GTE's National and International Operations served approximately 35 million access lines through subsidiaries in the United States, Canada and the Dominican Republic, and through affiliates in Canada, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. (Access lines are the individual landline connections from a customer's premises to the phone network.) GTE was a leading wireless operator in the United States, with more than 7.1 million wireless customers and the opportunity to serve 72.5 million potential wireless customers. Bell Atlantic was even larger than GTE, with 1999 revenues of more than $33 billion. Its Domestic Telecom unit served 43 million access lines, including 22 million households and more than 2 million business customers. Its Global Wireless unit managed one of
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