Essay on Vermont Teddy Bear Case Analysis

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Case study :The Vermont Teddy Bear Company®
Florine Buteau
Shenandoah University

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company
Almost everybody has had a plush bear when they were young. It’s a symbol of tenderness and gentleness. I personally had different bears made in Germany, China, England…with different forms, colors and names.
Even if the teddy bear manufacturing is a saturated industry with many competitors, it has not prevented the Vermont teddy Bear Company to launch its own business.
The Vermont Teddy Bear company (VTB) was created in 1980 by John Sortino. Currently the company is located in the city of Shelburne (Vermont, USA) and counts 289 employees. Vermont Teddy Bear Company represents a “Business success story,”
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To take advantage of these opportunities above-cited, the Vermont Teddy Bear company thought of distinguishing himself by different ways (competitive advantages) which are the following: * Its unique delivery system (The Bear-Gram®) uses Direct Marketing by providing you complementary services. Indeed, the Bear-Gram is a system which sends to your recipient the teddy bear of your choosing with a delicious gourmet (caramel or chocolate) and your own personal message printed on a colorful gift card in a fun gift box.
With its online website, the VTB Company reaches a larger target group.

* Its Brand image: * Made in USA * Quality handmade * A lifetime and delivery guarantee on every bear * The possibility to customize your teddy bear (With the help of a Bear counselor) and to buy a big teddy bear from 3’ to 6’ feet! These are probably the best things which leave the most important impact on the customer.
This Brand image was reinforced by its numerous Vermont Teddy Bear advertising campaigns on the TV and radio. These are especially well done and hilarious in order that people remember the brand. Thanks to these advertising campaigns, we can see that the main target is males from ages 18-54 who are looking for a unique gift for the women in their life. 2. Difficulties
My analysis contains another part which presents
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